Bathroom Remodel

Good bathroom design is invisible. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. You should be able to get ready for work in peace and have a positive start to your day. Bedtime rituals should be similarly simple. Maybe you don’t want a full-on spa, just a relaxing place for privacy. Our USA Builders remodels start with your design taste, preferences, and needs. Then we apply our expertise, industry knowledge, and relevant advances in sustainability. For convenient and affordable bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, USA Builders home improvement has you covered. Call today to learn more about our state-of-the-art bath products, or submit the easy online contact form to request your free cost estimate!

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens have changed since 1950. No longer does apron-clad Mom cook alone as the family waits in another room. Today, you’re just as likely to see a couple cooking together, or the whole family pitching in on Thanksgiving dinner, or friends gathered around sipping wine as you finish making tapas. However, many California homeowners make do in cramped kitchens designed decades ago. Today’s kitchens have an open, airy layout with ample storage. Our unique USA Builders remodels aren’t driven by fads, though. We use the latest advances to create a kitchen that suits your needs, rather than blindly following trends. We want you to love being in your kitchen. It should lift your spirit. Above all, we believe in comfort, beauty, and functionality. Our work reflects these values.


The home additions that USA Builders builds for homeowners throughout the California region are designed and crafted with our clients’ needs in mind. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the home remodeling industry and specializes in value engineering to create beautiful, well-built home extensions. When you work with USA Builders, we’ll bring your unique vision for a new addition to your home to life. Our collaborative design process allows us to truly understand your specific desires for your home. Once we know exactly what you need in the addition to your residence, we’ll present a detailed design – including 3D renderings – so you have a clear vision of what will be constructed.

Garage Conversions

It’s time to change your garage into a living space. You need more space freedom, a larger home for your family with an extra bonus of a living space, or a space to rent for extra income. Garage conversions are complex yet rewarding projects, you need to take to consideration the design and the functionality of your new space. Because of that, we vastly advise hiring a professional to convert your garage according to your ideas and desires. With a professional, the job will be done right and you can benefit this higher increase on your home equity. Depending on the extent of the project and the end result, you may increase your home equity to more than 40 percent gaining a solid return in your investment. It is a greater return than a bathroom renovation or even a well thought out kitchen design.


Your home is like a fort against all odds and of such you should always strive to guard and protect it always. The roof is at the forefront of everything and therefore should always be taken care of. We know that you need to safeguard your investment and therefore, we are always here to provide you with the highest level of craftsmanship in the industry when you need USA Builders in your home. We employ total professionalism and great customer service in all that we do. We give our clients a full range of roofing services for all types of residential including energy efficient options. Whatever your California roofing needs are, call a roofing contractor in California who knows the job and has the necessary experience to tackle it.

Windows & Doors

USA Builders has initiated its window installation services to make it easier for proud homeowners living in California to locate reasonable specialist assistance replacing windows and doors in houses. But, homeowners may still wonder about the way we work and how much we cost for our services. This is why it is very essential that service seekers get some idea concerning our services and functioning window installation services. USA Builders addresses frame repair problems for many types of windows that include Double Hung Windows, Picture Windows, Bay Windows, Casement Windows, and Bow Windows. USA Builders specializes in assisting homeowners to get the most from skilled and veteran professionals in the locality.

Solar System

USA Builders is proud to offer a wide range of solar hardware options for both residential and commercial projects. As your partner in prospering from solar energy, we supply you with a turnkey system. We take the lead on all permitting, inspections, and any compliance actions required. Not only do these sometimes vary from town to town, they also change over time. We stay up to date so you don’t have to. We work with financial partners that have a proven and solid track record of providing programs that offer the most viable financing options in the industry. These partners are dedicated to renewable energy and have the ability to provide 100% of the necessary capital.

Landscape & Hardscape

Our experience encompasses all phases of landscape development ranging from design conceptualization, technical proficiency, irrigation systems, diverse planting solutions, contract administration, municipal administrative and advisory services and field observation services. Hardscape refers to the non-plant areas of landscaping, such as driveways, walkways, entries, steps, walls, patios, pools, aprons, arbors and elements such as water fountains and fire pits. Hardscape construction has become an integral part of residential landscaping and USA Builders has evolved with our industry to provide the most complete range of services available.

Planning & Design

A number of USA Builders projects are accomplished on a negotiated contract, fast-track, Design/Build, construction management basis. Design/Build is a method for construction that creates a shared vision between USA Builders and our clients, and consistently delivers superior results. As a Design-Build construction company, USA Builders process uses the strengths of single-source planning, design and construction expertise to bring more accountability, control and value to your project. It’s about working together for a common goal and building with a purpose from day one – with the best team members for your project. Working with a single-source design-build construction company like USA Builders is a great way to ensure that your project not only gets done, but also gets done right.

New Construction

At USA Builders, our new construction projects are meticulously crafted using exacting standards to ensure our clients receive the best possible value for their investments. We always stand by the work that we perform, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. You bring us your wish list and we’ll make your dream home a reality. We work directly with you every step of the way to create the perfect design that suits your needs and wants. Our experienced team is up to the task and we guarantee 100% satisfaction every time. Contact us now to setup a consultation and get started building your dream home!

Interior & Exterior Paint

USA Builders provides both interior and exterior painting services. Our team has been providing a better quality of residential painting at fair pricing, and more homeowners turn to us for their jobs. It seems as if the only two types of contractors are either fast and cheap, or expensive professional interior painters. However, at USA builders, we take pride that we have found the right pricing that works. Our team can achieve your best finish without costing more or taking longer than we need to. Providing better home painting services can be time-consuming, but we never take longer than we need to give you a better-looking home. We will be on the job till it is done.

Patios & Enclosures

Make the most of your patio area. We offer a wide variety of screen room and sunroom styles, making it easy for you to select an option that has the look and features you want. If you choose one of our screen rooms, you will be able to enjoy fresh air and a view of outdoor scenery with protection from bugs and intense direct sunlight. If you instead opt for one of our sunrooms, you will be able to appreciate a wonderful view in total comfort, within an enclosure that has full air conditioning and heating ventilation. We provide different kind of patios, patio enclosure, patio cover solid or lattice, aluminum wood, wood, and much more!


We can provide you in advanced and qualified floor installation. USA Builders evaluate and customize a full service plan for your home. Our installers are experts at installing whatever flooring product you’ve selected—quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our teams are professional and conscientious, and they take pride in their work. But before the flooring is laid, we make sure of the job’s success with efficient project management. We also monitor our own activities for quality assurance.


Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly or high-efficiency solution, the professionals at USA Builders will develop an air conditioning & heating solution tailored to your needs that will keep your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summertime. Our efficient air conditioning & heating systems help reduce the amount of energy usage and allow you to save more money. We want to help you find the right heating and air conditioning solution for your home and budget. A proper system, as well as routine maintenance, is a key factor for optimal energy, and healthy air all while ensuring that your heating and cooling system stays running efficiently.

Foundation and Retrofitting

Being one of the most important parts of your home, our foundation experts will perform an inspection to make sure your home is safe. From a complete foundation takeover, to strengthen your existing foundation, we offer crack repairs, misaligned door repair, retrofit, and additional concrete to existing foundations. A foundation is forever, and a big part of ensuring the safety and comfort of your home. A proper foundation works more than holding a house above, it prevents moisture, and insulates against the cold, and keeps your home in place, resisting movement. California has foundation mandates to protect homeowners from crippling homes. With a shaky state, the chances of damages to your foundation will only increase over time due to damages.


During home construction, you may run into a leak, and unfortunately, it’s happening at this very moment which prompts immediate attention. We’ll work with you to find a solution, and always do our best to put your mind at ease during this journey. A house is built to become a home, and ensuring all the electrical and plumbing is in operating condition is important. Homeowners may encounter unforeseen plumbing emergencies at all times. Let’s prevent any unforeseen, future issues that can have a dramatic effect on your daily life. USA Builders will take care of what lies below the surface, and that is all your plumbing needs. We happily repair, replace, and install plumbing fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets.


Opt for the decorative brick, paving stones, cobblestone, and many more. Pavers add durability, safety, and not only adds aesthetic appeal but increase the value of your home. Due to the characteristics, pavers are the choice for driveway material. A high-quality driveway adds many benefits for your home including optimal curb appeal. Let USA Builders pave your way to a high-quality driveway. A paved driveway makes a grand entrance. An old, cracked, or even worse, a damaged driveway can detract from your existing lovable home, and ruin the overall aesthetics. Even the standard concrete poured driveway can take away from the true beauty of your home.